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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Raeka Learns: Time to Clean the Materials


Raeka is enrolled in a new school where she receives structured education and learns how to socialize. However, I noticed that she needed a break from actual school work. In the eyes of a child, assignments & worksheets sometimes take the fun out of learning. 

So I racked my tired mommy brain for some hands-on activities to help take her mind off the assignments for a while. 

Practical Life Lessons comes into the picture. 

Montessori schools usually teach these but since Raeka's school does not have this in the curriculum, I might as well continue where we left off.

I brought out our Find the Letters activity. I asked her if she wants to be a great helper today.

Good thing she answered, "Yes yes yes! I wanna spray and wipe my Abc papers!" 

She looked so confident about herself and I felt relieved that I won't have to do wipe clean the plastic folders by myself.  Although I enrolled her in a school, it does not mean that I am putting myself out of her learning process. I still believe that as a parent, I still have the responsibility to continue educating my child at home. 

Do you have ideas on what Practical Life Lessons to teach?

Please share them by commenting below.

A diligent heart: Find the Letters

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