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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Organizing Tiny Toys in 4 Steps


Have you ever stepped on a piece of Lego?


Almost everyday!

I never knew that a tiny piece of toy could hurt so much!

When Raeka started collecting tiny pieces of toys, sadly our feet started collecting bruises too.

I already tried throwing all the tiny toys into 1 container but I find it harder to clean up afterwards. Some tiny toys gets lodged in between other toy containers, under the bed or even under the furniture. Oftentimes, she will cry because we cannot find the toy that she wants to play with.

I think we have every tiny toy possible, Lego blocks, Kinder surprise toys, Happy meal toys, Jolibee kiddie meal toys, party favors, and freebie toys from cereals.

Good news!

You do not need to be an Organizing Guru to keep your child's tiny toys in a safe place and not under your feet.

You will need 2 things:
- resealable bags
- a box / storage / container for the bags

1. Sort the toys according to their make. The Lego went into 1 pile while the Kinder surprise toys into another pile, and so on..

2. Place the toys into a resealable plastic bag. I have some unused breastmilk storage bags and a few sandwich bags.

3. When you are done placing the toys in the bags, place the bags inside a box.

4. Give your child 1-3 bags to play with. It will be easier to clean up rather than letting them scatter a box full of tiny toys.

Presenting Raeka's tiny toys collection!

Also, it is easier to pack 1 or 2 plastic/s of toys in her bag whenever we go out, instead of waiting for her to make up her mind minutes before going out.

Saves us time, her tears, and my sanity.

We would love to hear how you organize toys too, please leave a comment for us below.

Blessed be!

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