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Monday, May 1, 2017

review: Nutri10 Plus Syrup and Dayzinc One Month After


I received a sample of Nutri10Plus and Dayzinc a month ago courtesy of Wert Philippines through Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

Raeka got excited upon seeing the package, let us watch her unbox the bag and check its contents.

I enumerated the contents of Nutri10Plus and Dayzinc on my previous blog post.

Click here to revisit my initial review of the vitamins.

Raeka said both vitamins taste like sweet orange, in short she loves it.

Excited for her vitamins!

Even during summer vacation the princess just won't stop trying to learn. She found a picture encyclopedia and decided to browse through it.

It was a busy labor day weekend for this princess. We took her to her older brother's badminton class in the morning. In the afternoon, we took her to a playground where she tried all the slides and created a masterpiece using magnetic shapes.

Her appetite increased as well.

Before, we need to offer her food from time to time.

Now, she asks for food every two hours. She loves having small frequent meals now and we do not need to negotiate with her to finish her meal either.

Nutri10Plus and Dayzinc are Raeka approved!

This is a sponsored post from Wert Philippines and Mommy Bloggers Philippines, all opinions are mine.

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