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Monday, May 22, 2017

Hanging Knee Raise


Hanging Knee Raise does more than toning the lower ab muscles.

It also builds strength on the hip flexors and the upper back muscles. 

I also find it easier when I squeeze my thighs together as I raise my knees to my chest. 

Some helpful tips I got from Pros:

1. Move slow
Pay more attention to the quality of the form over quantity. It is better to do 3-5 repetitions when you are just a beginner to this move.

2. Do not swing your body
Using the momentum or swinging your lower body to raise your knees will defeat the purpose of the exercise.

3. Engage your core.
I think this is a standard tip for everyone who exercises. See my previous post on how you can do this.

4. Point your toes.
As you lower your leg, point your toes downwards. This will help your legs maintain a straight line and avoid your legs from swinging behind your body.

5. Activate your upper back muscles.
Aside from the obvious that you must have a firm grip on the bar, you must activate your upper back muscles. Pull your shoulder blades down and keep your elbows locked.

Challenge yourself today with this exercise and you will definitely feel the good burn afterwards.

Blessed be.

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