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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pilates: Open Leg Rocker (prep pose)


Pilates is one of the challenging exercises I decided to take on.

Why Pilates?

Every week, I think of one Pilates pose to practice and hopefully (gasp) achieve something close to perfection. Pardon me for being such a dreamer... hahaha...

This week I decided to practice the Open Leg Rocker (prep pose).

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The Open Leg Rocker requires balance, control, finesse and lots of core strength to be executed properly. This rather challenging post will help increase muscle strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles, as well as concentration because you need to be really focused on engaging your core to prevent from falling on your back.

We often see videos of Pilates instructors doing this perfectly and sometimes mere beginners like us tend to get discouraged if we don't get the movement right away.

Well, here's your lucky day, I do not mind sharing my imperfect practice of the Open Leg Rocker, just try not to fall of your chair laughing please.

The muscles on my lower body are very tight and my core sometimes forgets to engage itself (lol). According to my friend I need to make a C curve on my lower back to properly hold this pose and putting the legs up is just secondary to keeping the core engaged.

It might take a long time but I'll never stop until I nail this one.

Shout out to a good friend of mine, Lanel Hosomi. Thank you for inspiring me to practice everyday.

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