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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Raeka learns: Parts of the Tree


This is how Raeka learned the different

Parts of the Tree

I created this illustration and printed it on a board paper.  I pointed to one part of the tree and asked her to repeat the word until we are done with the four parts. Next, I let her point the part of the tree and we'll say the word together.

I printed this second illustration and I cut out the labels.

I let her place the labels accordingly. She usually looks at the label, look for the same name on the orginal tree chart and she'll place the label on its proper box.

She enjoyed the activity so much that we continued doing this until she got tired and hungry. 

It took a few days of doing this activity before she can place the label without looking at the original tree chart. 

Note that I did not pressure her to learn all of these at one go. I simply let her enjoy the activity until she remembered all the parts without being asked.

Now, whenever we pass by a tree, she would often shout "Mom look at its big trunk!" or "Mom some branches are broken."

You can print the illustrations I made to help you teach your child learn Parts of the Tree.

Thanks for reading! I hope I helped you in some way.

Blessed be.

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