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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Peaches and Cream with Chia seeds


Yummy and healthy dessert for my sweet tooth.

4 tbsp Heavy Cream
4 slices Peaches
1/2 tsp Chia Seeds

Everyone knows that I ALWAYS crave sweets, in fact, I can eat a 200 gram chocolate bar in minutes!

My family has a medical history of almost all the elderly having diabetes, so since I am already in my thirties I have to seriously limit my sugar intake if I do not want to be included in the diabetic list. Hence, why I am into fitness despite my unbelievably busy schedule and incorporating more healthy food into my diet.

Lately, I have been feeling weird because after eating a whole satisfying balanced meal, lunch or dinner, then eating a serving of fruit as dessert, I feel hungry in a matter of minutes. Upon talking with my friend who is Personal Trainer and a Pilates instructor, we figured that my body must be responding differently to sugar, causing my insulin levels to spike and crash in minutes, which causes my stomach to signal my brain that I am hungry even though I just ate a whole balanced meal.

Good thing I stumbled upon the Low Carb, High Fat diet (LCHF). It's the type of healthy eating pattern where one limits their sugar and carbs intake. I found some helpful sites online about this type of eating pattern and more recipes to follow as well. Basically, these diet will tell your body to burn excess fat, fat that are usually stored around your liver for energy instead of relying on glucose from carbs.

I am no strict on my diet but I try to limit my carb & sugar intake to fruits and vegetables. Mixing heavy cream and chia seeds with the fruit is the best way I can enjoy eating fruit without feeling hungry after five minutes.

I'll share more Chia Seed recipes on my next posts.

If you have recipes with Chia seeds on your blog please feel free to comment them below.

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