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Monday, February 6, 2017

Juicing with Chia seeds


Thank you Liz for including Chia Seeds in your healthy juice. 

There you go folks, adding chia seeds in your diet is really easy.

Here's a couple of smoothie recipes with chia seeds you can try.

Smoothie Romaine Cilantro Avocado Watermelon 
Nectarine Strawberry Chia Lime Juice

3.5-4c water
232g or 1 bunch Romaine lettuce, chopped a bit to fit blender
250-300g watermelon or 1/4 of a lg cantaloupe-sized melon
75g strawberries or about 10 medium
170g or 1 avocado
130g or 1 nectarine
8g cilantro or sm. handful
60g or juice of 1 lime
6g or about 1 teaspoon chia seed

Fruit on hand and that I had to use. I use a VitaMix to blend ingredients for about 2 mins. Water first, add the lettuce and blend. Add remaining ingredients and pulse. Thick and shake-like consistency, and not bitter-green tasting.

Melon Green Juice with Chia Seeds

1 cucumber
Big handful of spinach (2/3 bunch)
Handful of mint (3 to 4 leaves)—optional
1/2 cup cubed cantaloupe
1/2 cup cubed watermelon
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup chia seeds, soaked overnight in filtered water, then drained (optional)

1) Wash the cucumber, spinach, and mint. 
2) Run all ingredients except salt and seeds through your juicer and scrape off foam (if desired).
3) Sprinkle in the salt and chia seeds (optional), stir, and enjoy!

Have a healthy day!

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