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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Engage your core



If you tried Yoga, Pilates, Spinning or weight training with an Instructor, I guarantee that you will hear those three words often. When I was new to all of these fitness lingo, I was like "WTF does engage your core mean? How can I engage my core?"

First, we need to find the answer to the question: Where can we find these famous core muscles?

In simple terms, core muscles are the muscles that surround our spine. They are responsible for your posture and protecting your spine. The deepest part of your core, Transversus abdominis,  hugs your spine. Crunches will have little effect to this part when you do not know how to engage or to suck in your stomach.

Second, How can we engage the core?

A friend of mine asked me to engage my core by pretending that I'm trying to fit my stomach into a small pair of jeans. Here's a great video from VCNFitness that shows how to engage the core properly:

Third, How can this help my fitness journey?

Knowing how to properly engage the core can help a lot. You'll find that it is easier to lift weights, you'll be less wobbly in Yoga, those climb intervals during Spinning seems lighter on the legs, and you can finally reach your toes when you bend.

I wanna share with you my flexibility progress after I learned how to engage my core properly.

My method before was just to reach using my hand, see the bottom part of the video where I seem to be stuck and very unflexible? I've done that for years, not knowing there is a better way to stretch.

The top part of the video was taken after a few days of learning how to engage my core, I became a bit more flexible by practicing everyday and by following all the instructions I learned from my friend.

Shout out to my Personal Trainer friend Lanel Hosomi for helping me become more flexible. Check her Instagram, Lanel Hosomi Fitness, she has videos for your Pilates home practice.

Now get up and ENGAGE YOUR CORE!

You can google this for a more detailed and elaborate explanation. I found a couple of great sites for this, just check out the links below. 

Fitness reminder:
Always consult with your doctor before trying any workout routine. 


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