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Monday, December 19, 2016

Badminton clinic at Don Bosco Makati


Sports taught me a lot. The four years I spent competing in Swimming are extremely memorable and helpful once I became an adult. I learned how to set a goals and research on ways how I can achieve those goals. I became more disciplined, because in order to excel in a sport, one must eat, train and rest properly. I learned to be independent and confident, my parents do not need to accompany me in every swim meet. Lastly, I learned that with great determination and tremendous support from parents, friends & school, even a late bloomer athlete like me can still bring home medals.

The result of hours upon hours of swim training.

Imagine my delight when my son started showing interest in Badminton. We hired a coach to teach him one-on-one, but our schedules clashed and let's be real, one-on-one lessons cost a lot plus we need to pay for the court use too. Next, he enrolled in the Badminton weekend classes offered by his school in O.B. Montessori Sta. Ana, but we were extremely unsatisfied with the results. More often than not, the classes were cancelled by the coach because too little students confirmed. In the end, we lost half of the money we paid because they moved the venue to Greenhills, which is very far and inconvenient for us to travel there every weekend. 

Fortunately, one of Russell's classmates told him about the Sports Clinics at Don Bosco Makati. I hurriedly went online to check Don Bosco Makati's website and found out that they are holding Sports Clinics all year. Sports clinics are often famous during the summer but in Don Bosco Makati, sports is alive even during school year. 

Don Bosco Makati is currently holding weekend clinics for the following sports and martial arts:

- Basketball, php2,300
   open to boys and girls, 5 yrs. old & above

- Football, php2,300
   open to boys and girls, 5 yrs. old & above

- Badminton, php2,300
   open to boys and girls, 7 yrs. old & adults

- Swimming, php3,000
   open to boys and girls, 6 to 15 yrs. old

- Table Tennis, php 2,300 
   open to boys and girls, 5 yrs. old & above 

- Volleyball, php 2,300
   open to boys and girls, 5 yrs. old & above

- Arnis

- Aikido

- Karatedo

- Tae Kwon Do

The 4th module will start on February 11, 2017, there is plenty of time to enroll your child and let them discover the wonders of playing sports.
Click here to for more information on
Don Bosco Sports Clinic 2016 - 2017

See you there!

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