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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Yoga?


There are plenty of websites that will tell you reasons why practicing Yoga is good for your body and mind. Here is my favorite site so far, Yoga Journal gave us 38 Health Benefits of Yoga. I will try to relate some of those to my experience.

Improves your flexibility

Self-explanatory and super obvious. When I got back on the fitness lifestyle after my child turned 8 months, I could not even reach my shin when I bend down, now I can almost place my palm flat on the floor. Took me almost two years, but hey I am not in a competition with anyone but my former self.

Perfects your posture. Builds muscle strength. Protects your spine. Eases your pain. Encourages self care

I have the combination of dextro & levo scoliosis or what is more commonly known as S-curve scoliosis. My right shoulder blade and left lower spine creates an almost permanent bump on my back, and makes me uncomfortable most of the times. Yoga helped me strengthen my back muscles to better support my spine and prevent it from bending more. I also notice that I stand and sit straighter because my yoga practice made my core strong in order to hold my posture upright.

Increases your blood flow. 

In the YogaJournal website, most of the poses they mentioned are for the advanced yoga practitioners, which I am not. Still, I can feel that after every practice my muscles especially the ones at the back are no longer tight and pain is almost gone.

Makes you happier. Relaxes your system. Helps you sleep deeper. Gives you peace of mind

Need I say more? Endorphins flow whenever we exercise. I also like to believe that we need to dedicate time to loving ourselves by doing something good for it, like yoga for instance. Whenever I have a hard time sleeping because I am too stressed, I found out that a gentle stretching yoga sequence actually helps me calm down and eventually fall asleep.

Helps keep you drug free. Gives you inner strength. Benefits your relationships.

Postpartum depression is not an easy topic. I am not sure if it is just PPD or if there is an underlying cause for it. One thing I am certain is that I prefer Yoga over medication. Yoga is addicting but it gives so many benefits, unlike medications that can harm the digestive system when used long-term. Family members suffer too when their loved one is depressed. I know how hard it is for my husband to see me so down, luckily Yoga helps me manage my depression.

Honor your body today, it is the only body you have.


Always consult with your doctor before trying any workout routine. 

Blessed be.

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