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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The wall of responsibility


Of course I just made up that term, LoL. My responsible 11-year-old son Russell is a bit out of sync lately, we blame his coughing and sneezing for the past week. Quite frankly, I am also getting tired of reminding him 'what to do' every single day. 

To help him get back on track, I asked him to make his own "To Do List" and he mentioned that it will help him better if we post it on a wall. The upper left-most paper is his list, I did not take a picture of it close-up because my son is not so keen with the spotlight on him. 

He is very much into badminton and is aiming to compete in inter-school competitions next year. (See Russell's badminton pictures on my IG) Therefore, the exercise charts on the middle part of the wall are also his. I googled some exercises he can perform during weekdays to supplement his weekend badminton training. To make him more responsible I asked him the exact time that he will perform the exercises, he answered me 5pm.

Guess what?

He remembered to do the exercises at 5:30 pm, half an hour late but at least I did not need to call his attention by hollering like a bat-$h!t crazy mother. I am hoping he will be more responsible tomorrow.

Well, a mother MUST always hope right?

I almost forgot about the art work at the bottom part of the wall. The colorful Sofia the First scene was created by the little fingers of our toddler Raeka. She wanted to show everyone what kept her busy during the day.

I would love read your tips on how to you teach responsibility to a child. If you created a blog post or would like to share an article about Children and Responsibility, please leave a comment below.

Blessed be.

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