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Friday, September 2, 2016

Raeka learns: Parts of the house


Raeka is currently in the nursery level. You can read about her first day of school here. She loves learning and seeing her classmates everyday. One thing about being a school mom, is that we have to adhere to the curriculum made by the school and support our child during their learning journey.

I would like to share how I helped my toddler learn about the,

Parts of the House

I scanned the Parts of a House lesson pasted by her teacher on the notebook, increased the size so it is easier to see and printed 2 copies using board papers to make them more sturdy.
I made a different file for the labels and printed 2 copies also.

The house printed on the left side (yellow paper) complete with the labels will be our source. 
The one on the right side (white paper) will be her blank answer sheet.

First, I pointed the different parts of the house and Raeka repeated them to me.

Second, I showed her the labels and asked her to look for the same word on the yellow paper.

Third, she placed the label on the white paper correctly, with the yellow paper as her guide.

We repeat the process until she can place the labels correctly without looking at the guide.
The process took several days.

Raeka is thinking where to put the label 'base'

She got it correctly!

So there you go, this is how I helped Raeka learn about the Parts of the House.

Blessed be.

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