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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What is Pak Ganern?

I hear this expression spoken and sometimes shouted by kids and adult alike. It can also be read on Facebook comments followed by either a smiley face or LOL. I often sometimes see my son's friends comment pakganern on each other's posts.

Being the self-confessed loner that I am, whose tv channel is almost limited to Disney Jr and HBO, I had to seek google for help. I found an article from GMA Network. (read article here)

According to the experts, the expression sprung from Tagalog words,
ganern -  ganoon

Here is a video of Showtime's game segment Pak Ganern, which I want to share below for laughing purposes. 

Then, I saw this Facebook post and I grew immediately concerned. (view post here)

Is the catchy phrase urging everyone to go to the "dark" side? As usual, I had to google again, this time I had to translate from Latin to English.

Here are my findings:

The supposedly Latin word PACCRASSIUS, does not exist!

But I did not stop there, I know I had to look for the other word.

Guess what? 
The supposedly Latin word GANRI does not exist either!

Next I decided to look for the actual Latin Words of the phrase "Be with me, ___. Eternally". I omitted one word because you might say that I am teaching Latin phrase to go over the dark side too, which is duh?! I only used one site for these translations because I already found an answer the first time.

Here are the English to Latin translations according to LatDict
be - vultis
with - vix
me - meus, mea, meum
eternal - eternus, eterna

So there, I can now calm my mind and not worry every time I see the expression on my son's FB comments. And to the creator of the Facebbok page Gugmang Giatay (view page here) that created the absolutely FALSE meaning of Pak-Ganern...

Your FB page visits increased a lot. You got us there. I admire your thick face for creating something false and spreading it online because you know there are millions of gullible people who will just share your post without bothering to research. 
Masigabong palakpakan sa magkabila mong pisngi!

The internet is a like a double edged sword, you can use it for good and for bad. Let us make the good choice and hopefully we will make this world a better place for our children.

Blessed be!

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