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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Clay for the little hands


My little preschooler is taking a took some time off from school because of her cough and fever. Whenever she feels 'better' she asks me for a bit of play time. While I don't want her to do any physical activities yet, I let her play with her clay set as I work on some chores. 

Few minutes passed, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and a little voice asking "Mom, you want lollipop?" She made it using a stick and the covers of the clay pot to mold the clay into shape. Pretty good for someone so young and small to use whatever she has in order to achieve the results she wants.

"Bippity Boppity boo! Mom look, I made one for magic!" She was all smiles as she showed her magic wand. 

Playing with clay definitely makes my little princess happier, smarter and more innovative. Who says that learning only comes from books? Not me.

Does your child loves to play with clay too? Comment below and leave your link to showcase your little one's clay creations. 

Have a great clay day!

Blessed be.

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