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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Raeka learns: In-On-Under


Raeka is already attending preschool, she's in the nursery level. She loves learning and she is often excited about assignments. I am glad I made the right choice of letting her attend Coramille Learning Center. I created a few activities for her to supplement her lessons in school because she gets bored easily with worksheets. She also learns more when she can touch the learning materials rather than just looking at pictures.

Today we learned...


First, I downloaded a worksheet from ESL Kid Stuff, click the picture or the link below to visit their site.

 I cut out the pictures, glued them on a cardboard and used plastic tape to make the pictures a bit stronger. 
Then, I guided Raeka to place the animals according to the instructions. 

It would have worked, except the pictures cannot really go IN the picture.
Raeka said "Ant is ON the bowl, not IN, cannot get IN the picture! Picture cannot open!"
Uhm... yes... For anything to going IN, there should an opening of some type, right? 

So I had to gather my wits quick and got her DocMcstuffins docmobile, and here's what I came up with.

I wrote the words IN, ON, UNDER twice on a piece of cardboard and wrap them in plastic tape. 

I still used the animals from the worksheet.
I divided the animals into 3 groups.
1 group will go IN, the next will go ON, the last will go UNDER.

I let Raeka become familiar with the words IN, ON, UNDER by comparing the two similar word cut-outs.

Finally, she decided where each animal should go, and here's a pic of her shoving the rabbit UNDER the docmobile.

Raeka enjoyed our activity so much that we did this over and over for around 10 minutes. And I hope you and your toddler will enjoy this too.

Blessed be.

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