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Monday, June 20, 2016

Raeka's first day of school


"Yay! Time for school!"

Raeka is just like kuya Russell, excited for school.
Thank Goddess for giving us children who loves to learn.

Raeka can barely contain her excitement when I woke her up at 8am and told her that it is "TIME FOR SCHOOL!"

Last summer, I enrolled Raeka in a one and a half hour class to get her ready for the actual school year. her dad and I were worried if she'll participate in class or end up crying the entire time. We chose the small preschool where Kuya Russell also attended when he was younger. It is not a famous school and the number of their students are very limited but the quality of education they give is superb. They give children knowledge, practical life skills and love of learning, which i think is the most important lesson a child need to learn at a very young age. 

Blessed be.

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