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Friday, June 24, 2016

Is is mealtime or battle time?


I came across this blog post by Scary Mommy, 
while it worked for her, here's my experience.

Eat it or starve: I once followed this advice with Russell and guess what, he did starve. He went to bed without dinner, upon breakfast I offered him the same vegetables he refused to eat and he said 'no thanks'. He went about his day just drinking water and me ignoring his plea for food unless he would eat the veggies.

Come dinner time (again), I know I cannot let him go to bed without dinner for 2 days in a row. So I compromised, I minced the left over veggies and mixed them in the rice. I offered him a smaller portion of veggies with a piece meat, he ate everything.

My take on this eat-it-or-starve thing? Yes, I might have won, he ate the leftover vegetables plus the small portion of veggies I offered him with the meat. 

Did I feel good because I won the ultimatum? Absolutely NOT. I felt bad because my son lost roughly 1000 calories from dinner to afternoon snack because of this tip. He almost lost love for mealtimes and just see eating as a CHORE because of this. I had to push him to eat more the next day in order to overcome his calorie deficit the previous day, and I do not enjoy giving him a hard time with something that he needs to do every 3 hours.

So I opted to incorporate the veggies with the meat that I give him. It takes more work, but for me it is better to have him enjoy the food rather than fight every mealtime. As of now, he plans to be a chef and he wants to make veggies more appetizing to everyone.

Well, this is just me. Every kid and mom is different anyway.

What do you think of the Eat-it-or-Starve tip? Did it work for you?

I'd like to hear from you.

Blessed be.

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