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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who is up for a treasure hunt?


Looks like a picture from Crime Scene Investigation isn't it? I turned my back for a few minutes to work on my project and Raeka decided to hold a treasure hunt party for two. She called my attention and excitedly announced "Let's look for treasure mom!!!

After treasure hunting, I tried to make a game called "Quick toy toss" wherein she will pick up the toy and count 1, then toss it to me so that I can shoot it into the toy box. We counted the toys, 1 to 15 and back again. hehehe

Mommy Azza is a Stay-at-Home-Mom, this scenario will welcome husband if I decide to do NOTHING and just STAY IN BED all day. Sadly, most people have this belief that SAHMs are not busy, yeah right!

I love being a Stay-at-Home mom, I get to witness all of my toddler's milestones and save me the worry if my school child is coping up. I would be lying if I will say that I do not miss being employed full time, yes being in the corporate world is exciting and financially fulfilling but this is my life now and I am happy with it.

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