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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Raeka learns: Money


Earlier I saw a link to a blog where the mom shared her experience with her daughter and THE ANNA DRESS. Her post made me think about my own kids.

My 10-year-old already know that all material things come with a price, even if someone gives it to you for free, it definitely cost the gift giver some money and he knows that when he grows up, he needs to work if he wants to buy stuff.

As for my almost 3-year-old toddler, she is slowly grasping the cost of things, I often tell her that mom & dad goes to work to earn money. Then the money will be used to buy food, or in her understanding to buy her favorite snacks from the sari-sari store in front of our gate.

The picture above was taken during our store-customer pretend play. The cards I cut out for her are her PESOS and she'll buy stuff from my store in exchange for her Pesos. Then we switch roles, by the end of our play time, she kept her Pesos inside her wallet and said "Mommy go work on computer to get money for biscuit."

Kids are smart, they are like sponges. They can learn anything as long as we introduce the topic in a way they will be able to understand.

How do you think we should teach our kids about money?

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