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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015 Fitness Challenge


I'm a member of Be Fit Pinay group on Facebook. We are doing a challenge where every participant should exercise for 21 days this month.

The Prize? - I actually have no idea!
Update: On October 9, the group admins announced the Prizes to be won. Click here to find out what the prizes are

I think having a healthier body by the end of the month is already awesome.

Goal - Overall Muscle Toning

Fitspiration: Ronda Rousey! (rawr!)

I'm not a beginner but I'm no expert either. I only workout 3x a week so this challenge is a great idea to push myself to exercise more.

Gym - M W Sat
Yoga - T Th F Sn

Bring It On!!!

Be a Fit Pinay! Sali na!


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