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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Things to say to my Russell


I came across this article 19 things to say to your son before he's grown a while ago and found it very helpful. I can relate so much since my eldest will turn 11 by the end of this year. 

Joking around with my prince.
Too many steps to Boracay observation deck!!!

1. It's totally fine if you stink at sports.
Okay, I admit that dad and I are pushing you to do sports. Why? Because sports can help you get a scholarship in a great university, help you practice discipline everyday, make your body stay fit and healthy. It is okay for me if you do not like a particular sport but I will continue pushing you to excel at the sport that you like to play. 

2. No one wants a picture of your penis. 
It's good that we're not in this situation yet, so please don't EVER snap a picture of your manhood for everyone to see.

3. Don't stop dancing.
Sadly, I think you got this from me. You became too conscious the moment you started primary grade school. I do hope you will still consider dancing, even if private.

4. Learn to cook and clean and wash those stinky clothes.
I feel proud whenever I mention to anyone that you can do your own laundry. Now that you are learning to cook, I'm becoming less and less worried about you starving when you're not with me or dad.

5. Always aim carefully when you pee.
I think you mastered your aim years ago.

6. Don't be a bully.
Please remember that some jokes are not funny at all, while your jokes may seem funny to you, there are sensitive people out there and you should be wary of the jokes you shout out. It is okay to continue bantering with close friends yet when someone tells you to stop, then stop. You will not like it if you become the target so avoid being a bully to anyone.

7. I honestly do not care if you touch your penis. 
I know you're are really uncomfortable peeing in public even during an emergency so I don't think (and hope) that we'll have a problem about this one.

8. You will allow me the mother-son dance if you get married. 
Unless you decide not to get married or I die before your wedding date, you WILL let me dance with you, no questions asked! hahaha! You're my only son, I can only do this mother-son dance with you.

9. Don't knock anyone up.
We had a conversation before and I can clearly remember you saying "Aren't you supposed to get married first?" Yes, that is ideal and I do hope you'll do that someday. But if your destiny wanted it otherwise, I do hope that the baby is well expected and the mother-to-be will be excited to have the baby. And YOU will be responsible for your baby, not me, not dad, not raeka, but YOU.

10. You are not your job.
You're just 10, and you have not decided on your career path yet. That's ok, you'll have plenty of time for that, enjoy being a kid, you can never get it back. However, once you get older please remember that you are you, you are not your job, the job is something that you do in order to earn money for your living expenses. You should define your life not just according to your job.

11. Be a good guy. 
You are already a good boy. I hope and pray that you'll continue being good even when I am not around.

12. No means No.
Simple. Unless you're in sales and marketing... hehe... We'll discuss that if you decide on that path when you get older.

13. Never stop giving kisses and hugs. 
Some kids your age get embarrassed whenever their parents show them affection in public. And you make me really happy whenever you lean and pucker your lips whenever you get the chance. I hope you will still give me hugs even when you get taller than me.

14. Yes, you are available to babysit. 
You are already doing this, everyday. Mom and dad are so proud that you are a very responsible and sweet older brother to Raeka. We wish that you will always be there for your baby sister. Remember, you only have one sibling.

15. Always check your fingernails before leaving the house.
Oh my, you always forget to cut your fingernails. It's okay if you're a farmer and you're always digging up dirt but since you are not, please check your fingernails, everyday.

16. Make nice with her parents.
When the time comes that you decide to date a girl, please be respectful to her parents. You are not just presenting yourself, you are showing them what kind of family we are and I'll smack your head hard if you embarrass our family in any way. hahaha

17. Life is not a Victoria's Secret catalog.
It is good that right now, you know that boobs are for babies' milk while some kids your age are already sexualizing female body parts. Models represent a small percentage of women in the world, while I have nothing against models, it will not hurt you if the girl you like is not built like a cookie-cutter model. As long as she's healthy and fit like you, then I guess it'll be okay. I said "fit like you" because she's going to need the energy to chase you whenever you and smack you whenever you try to make fun of her like how your dad loves to make fun of me.

18. Know that you are no better than anyone else.
Unless you are comparing yourself to someone in their death bed, then NO, you are not better that anyone. And if you choose to believe that you are indeed better, make it your life goal to help others with your God given skills and talents.

19. Call me. 
This will be the first rule when the time comes that I'll give your first cellphone. Also when you get older, call me at least once a week just so that I can hear your voice.Your voice is one of the greatest sound I know.

Blessed be.


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