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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Should breastfeeding mothers use a cover?


There is a lot of controversy regarding Wave 89.1 disc jockey KC Montero prompting breastfeeding mothers to cover up. The ire of breastfeeding mothers increased when an additional comment from sexy star Aubrey Miles surfaced telling KC that she indeed covered herself when she breastfed her child. Please note that they are not against breastfeeding, they are against mothers who breastfeed who do not use a cover.

Congratulations to Wave 89.1, KC Montero and the female dj he was with (sorry I don't want to bother researching her name) for picking a really hot topic. I assume the ratings for their show was astronomical during the guesting stint of Breastfeeding Pinays Admin Noelle and Bing. Thank you for letting them educate everyone who tuned up. We certainly hope many of your listeners & followers, learned a lot about the benefits of breastfeeding. I actually do not expect everyone to agree with breastfeeding mothers who do not cover themselves and their babies while doing the REAL PURPOSE of the breast, because we all know close minded people abound.

If she sat beside you in the mall or in a public transport, are you going to tell her to cover up too?

I use a breastfeeding cover with Raeka because she does not like the sun or the lights shining on her eyes. She also prefers to feed in dark  to calm her and help her fall asleep faster. But I do not impose on every breastfeeding mother to follow suit. It is their choice not to cover up, specially when their baby does not like the cover. No one reacts to mothers like me who uses a cover so please be fair and do not demand other mothers to cover up.

If you don't like to see a breastfeeding mother feeding her child without a cover you are free to look away. Just like the way you look away and cover your eyes whenever you see adult magazines whose women are 90% exposed or whenever the victoria secret models parade their screaming cleavages for everyone to see. 

Please respect a mother's choice
to cover or not to cover.

Blessed be to all.

Read the about it on Rappler, click link here.


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