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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Aug 30 - Sept 5: Books and Laundry


Letter E & F
Number 2
Parts of the Body
Opposites: Wet & Dry

Materials Used:
Red Clay
Hair bands

We started the week by learning about different parts of the body. She also browsed all the books I bought for her during the warehouse book sale. When she "read" all the books, she is ready to stay still and learn about the Letter E and Number 2. She also counted the hair bands we collect and use to make her look like Queen Elsa.

The next day, she wanted to play with the clay again and asked for another letter to do. She got tired of learning and wanted to just play with clay. So I let her be a toddler again and mash the clay all around. She managed to make a flower and cupcake, sorry I have no pictures of her creations because she won't let me near my phone during our clay time.

Every now & then, she asks me to bring out the blocks and she'll be busy building stuff for half an hour until she gets hungry. Snacks are a must whenever she is studying and playing.

Before the week ended, she mastered the opposites wet & dry. She insisted on doing the laundry with me, I let her hold the wet clothes and transfer them to the dryer a couple of hours later. She also counted the clothes that she "shoots" into the dryer. She counts up to 15, then back again to 1 when there are more clothes to "shoot".

So this is what she learned for this week.

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Blessed be.


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