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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A morning well spent at First Robotics Learning Center


Mommy Azza is one of the lucky mommies to receive an invitation from First Robotics Learning Center to try out their program. 

First Robotics Learning Center is not like a traditional classroom where the student sits back and listen, instead they are encouraged to follow the 4Cs. 

  1. Connect, kids engage their minds in problem solving and links previous learning experiences with new ones. 
  2. Construct, kids get to put their ideas into physically building their own robots, innovate, work together and share their knowledge with each other.
  3. Contemplate, kids learn to analyze and reflect the results to deepen their understanding. They are taught how to think in order to come up with a solution if ever they encounter a challenge while building their robot.
  4. Continue, kids learn to improve and fine tune their work, create cycle of better and higher learning. They learn never to stop learning and to find ways on how to create a better versions of their previous works.
My 10 year old son, Russell is very excited to try out the Robotics class so much that we arrived 30 minutes early. He got more excited by checking out the displayed materials and the video showing kids creating their own robots. Before the actual class started, we were given time to watch a short video presentation while the kids are busy with the Lego pieces.

We also got to tour the classrooms where they hold the classes. Programs are divided according to age, although a student can attend the more advanced program once he/she demonstrated that he/she can adjust and cope with the lessons.

On to the program proper for the 9 year old kids and above. Teachers Gelai and Vincent gave a brief introduction on the robot that the kids will build for their trial session. It is called a castor bot.

The room immediately fell silent because the kids are so engrossed with building their robots. They studied the instructions, looked for the parts needed, attached them together and compared their work with the picture given to them. Teacher Gelai decided to let the kids proceed and make the sumo bot, so that they can see how their robot actually works. They played a game where the objective is to push the other robot out of the ring, similar to how a sumo fight goes, hence the name sumo bot.

Russell and his team mates, Skylah and Karl did not win the sumo bot fight but they didn't really mind because they had the time of their lives. Russell said that he never knew that he can build a robot while he is still a kid and now that he did, he become more confident. He actually wants to enroll in the program next summer.

Brent, Skylah & Russell shows off their Sumo Bots.

I enjoyed watching the kids scramble through each step in building the robot that I wanted to join them. I actually wish that they will offer programs for the parents too!

Parents, what are you waiting for? Give First Robotics Learning Center a call to learn more about their programmes and how they help improve the creativity and confidence of your kids.

First Robotics Learning Center
Ground floor, Gold Hill Tower, 
5 Annapolis street, Greenhills,
San Juan city
696-3333 / 0999-884-9256 / 0917-552-8898

Special thanks to my sister Czaroma for snapping my pic when my phone's battery gave out. Please drop by her blog too, Serenity Overload.


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