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Monday, August 10, 2015

my exercise log: 10 August 2015


Increased the weight of the ViPR tube today because my husband teased me that the 6kg ViPR tube is getting too easy and light for me. Thus, I decided to increase the weight to 8kg.

Oh what a difference 2 kgs can make! My heart was pounding and my sweat gushed like a waterfall only after 1 round of circuit. I actually took my sweaty selfie during my circuit break because my heart was racing so fast!

Which is why personal trainers and/or having a training buddy is important. They tend to see if something is wrong and if you need to challenge yourself more.

If you don't have a personal trainer or how will you know if your weights are too easy?

I found an article online, here's a quick summary: (link to full article is included below)

1. The current weight you are lifting isn't a challenge.
     - Yep, I can swing the 6kg ViPR tube without extra effort.

2.  You could go forever.
     - I have a pair of 4lbs dumbbells and it such a joke to raise them now.

3. You have never increased the weight you lift.
     - Not true for me. I started with 2lbs dumbbells 3 months after I gave birth. In the gym, I started with the 4kg ViPR tube, 2kg dumbbells and 5kgs on the weight machines.

4. The progress has come to a stop.
    - My weight decided to park itself on the 50kgs mark, my goal is to be 48kgs with a higher percentage of muscle mass.

I was so happy to finally touch my toes during the cool down stretch! Flexibility achievement unlocked!!!

Blessed be.

4 Signs You Need to Lift more Weight
ViPR fit


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