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Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 18 - 24: Letter A and Shapes



Materials Used:
Red Clay
Popsicle Sticks
ABC Song

We always start our lessons with the ABC song. Here's a video of her favorite version of the ABC song. 

I found these amazing worksheets online and Raeka used the clay fill out the dots.  

She also tried to write the letter and color them in.

She loves coloring so I printed more worksheets for her. 

Daddy also helped by teaching her about shapes. 
They used popsicle sticks to create a triangle, square & rectangle.

I tried asking here where the Letter A is while we were reading a book but she cannot point it out yet, but if i show her a paper with just the letter A on it, she'll immediately shout "Mommy wetta A!" 

By the end of the week, she became more cooperative and excited whenever I show her our learning box. I do not expect her to be perfect in everything we do, I just want her to enjoy learning and make her school ready.

How do you teach the alphabet to your toddlers?

Please feel free to share your methods by leaving a comment below.

Blessed be.

Some homeschooling resources that I found:

A to Z (uppercase) dot art worksheet

A to Z (upper & lower case) dot-to-dot worksheet

Alphabet coloring pages


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