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Monday, May 25, 2015

Me? Try Homeschool? Really?!


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I told myself that I will NOT consider homeschooling, mainly because I do not think I possess the absolute amount of patience to teach a toddler. Yet here I am starting to document our pseudo-homeschool activities. 

A few things I want to share before I start showing our homeschool activities. We don't follow a certain curriculum (yet), I am so lazy to look for a curriculum, even when my friend already shared hers, I still have not opened the link. I am a newbie at this homeschooling stint and I do not gave an degree or diploma on childhood education; Although I experienced teaching a few toddlers before, including my eldest son who is turning 11 this year. We do not have a "study desk", we learn mostly on the floor of our room or outside the garage or even in the bathroom. 

My main goal is to let my toddler believe that LEARNING is FUN. Okay that is weird right? School, studying, learning does not really coexist with the word fun for most of us. However, I saw that happened when my eldest started preschool, he loves going to school and he loves telling me everything he learned for each day. He often said that SCHOOL is FUN or TEACHER is FUNNY, I DO NOT LIKE TO BE ABSENT BECAUSE I'LL MISS SOME LESSONS. So consider my mind changed about learning & fun. 

I unknowingly started "teaching" my child the moment she can sit up by herself but I do not "test" her about it. As of today, she is 2 years old and 6 months, I'll enumerate some of her skills and talents, so pardon me if I am going to sound like a proud bragging parent. 

1. She can count to 14 and is currently learning the rest through songs. Toys are her forever learning tools, she counts her cars, her stuffed toys, her balls, even her hair ponytail bands.

2. She can sing the ABC song, but in her own toddler language that most of us cannot comprehend yet, lol for that.  
Let's sing with her, 
H I K K 

How I know my ABC,
nes time want you sing with me!

3. She can distinguish basic shapes like Square, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, Heart, and Oval. Her older brother used to have a set of wooden toy blocks that she discovered early this month.

4. She knows basic colors like White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple but get confused with Black and Brown.

5. She can hold a pencil or pen properly, how she learned is still a mystery to me. Maybe she saw me and kuya Russell writing and copied our hand movements.

6. She does not like to write or trace the lines. She prefer doodling by her own.  

7. She knows the difference between the Star, Moon and a moving Airplane in the sky at night.

8. She knows the farm and neighborhood animals plus their sounds. She learned this through watching the Baby Einstein videos. 

Hmmm... I think that is enough introduction for us. Next week, I'll show you one of our activities. 

Do you homeschool? or Do you have a link about Homeschooling that you may want to share?

Please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Blessed be.


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