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Monday, June 1, 2015

review: Golden Phoenix Hotel Boracay



You have to walk about 50-100 meters from the main road before arriving at the resort. Good thing that the reception area is near the main road. Very much beachfront and they have lounge chairs available.

beachfront view from the restaurant


Pool is clean and big. They have a kiddie pool, that our toddler enjoyed so much. You can borrow towels from the pool boy, the number of towels you can borrow depends on the kind of room you booked. We got a family room, so we can borrow 4 towels. One group booked a triple room but there is 4 of them, pool boy said they can only borrow 3. There is one elevator available near the reception while there are two stairs on each side of the building. Restaurant located beach front, staff always pretend to be busy with something else. Our welcome drinks took forever to arrive, and they did not have ice during the first day of our stay. Weird iced tea w/o ice. 

having fun in the pool


We stayed at a Family room, it is spacious and clean. Located in the corner of the building next to another resort so no view. Toiletries, shampoo & soap dispenser in the shower stall and towels provided but they will not replenish until the end of your stay. You need to call housekeeping for them to get the garbage bin. We have a diapered toddler, so our garbage smells easily. Housekeeping arrives 5-15 minutes after you call them. They made up our room after the 2nd night. Family rooms are located in the corner of the hotel building. 90% of the rooms do not have a view of the beach.

my kids love the Family Room
coffee / tea facility & a small refrigerator
keep your valuables inside the metal safe

bathroom essentials


Complimentary buffet breakfast is good. They always have asian noodles and pancakes, two of our kids' favorites and one of the reasons why we booked this resort. Cute pancake designs too. You can eat all you want. We tried the buffet dinner just because we were too tired look for another place to eat. Dinner is a bit expensive with very limited selections, good thing they have the crispy fried shrimps which my family gorged on.

buffet breakfast includes cute customized pancakes

Front desk staff are very welcoming. Although it took around an hour before we could check-in because according to them, the Manila office did not coordinate with them the names of the incoming guests for that day. I suggested that once the sun comes up, the resort front desk should contact manila office for the guest list and not rely or wait for the manila office to contact them to avoid inconveniences. They waived the additional charge for wifi during our stay. While waiting for our rooms, we decided to have lunch at their restaurant but the waiters keep on ignoring us. My son had to tap the shoulder of the waiter so that we could give them our orders. The man who cooks the pancake is really good, he made my son and husband their pancake designs without hesitation. He even made an I LOVE MOM message on the pancake and for my son to give me. There was one man who assisted us during our stay, I forgot his name but he is the most cheerful one there, husband gave him a big tip before upon our check-out. 
waiting for a staff to approach us and serve us lunch

I booked directly using the resort's website and managed to get a 20% discount! I am a bit irritated with the reservations staff in manila because although I already confirmed our reservations, they did not inform the resort staff about the time of our arrival. We arrived at 3pm and waited for over an hour before we could check-in. Good thing they have a restaurant, we ate our late lunch there while waiting for our room.

We loved our stay. Husband wants to go back to the resort next time we visit Boracay.

My review is also on Tripadvisor


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