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Monday, May 25, 2015

review: White Beach Boracay


Pristine sand, clear waters, gentle waves, and everything we need in one beautiful stretch.

White Boracay is simply EXCELLENT! 

My family loves White Beach Boracay. Everything that we need is within walking distance. The sand is really fine and the seabed slopes gently, which is perfect for our toddler. We spent most of our time playing and wading in the shallow waters. 

Plenty of activity booking agents offer their services, just remember to choose the one that looks concerned with their job and haggle, haggle, haggle. We're from the city so we are used to being surrounded by loud people, listening to sales talk and walking around those who are simply sitting or laying on the perfect white sand. 

We don't need to walk far to find a place to eat, souvenirs to buy or an activity to do. Everything is literally within walking distance. For some Boracay is too commercialized, hmm, they might be right, but for us it is still perfect. It is very convenient for us to stay in White Beach Boracay because having a toddler in tow means you cannot go out of the toddler's comfort zone so much if you still want him/her to enjoy.

Our eldest tried the Paddle Board, the 250 peso rental fee is really worth the expense when you see your child enjoying himself and overcoming his fear of falling into the water. 

Russell & Ronald pose with their "whale".
Our Princess is busy building her castle.
Playing until sunset.
Too commercialized? maybe... We still love the beach here.
Kuya Russell on his paddle board.

My review is also on Tripadvisor.


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