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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

review: Happy Dreamland Boracay


Once a Dreamland then reality struck

We visited Happy Dreamland in the morning so the rides are not operational. I'm not sure though if they operate at night because the rides look worn-out and broken. We tried the Sky Cycle wherein you sit on a tandem bike protected only by an ill-fitting belt and pray that the bike chains and the belt will not break down halfway through the track. Husband and I rode together with our toddler while our eldest rode with our tour guide. Guess what, my husband's bike chain broke, good thing mine is still working. My kids loves the animals inside the park but they seem neglected or maybe because their cages looks old and dirty. 

scary Sky Cycle
Peacock showing off
Raeka keeps on shouting "BIRD!!!"

Trick Art Museum

We went to the Trick Art Museum with our two children. Fortunately, we found a really good tour guide, he was the one taking our pictures and he really knows that right angles to make the pictures POP! The place is properly air-conditioned so you don't need to worry about getting sweaty here. The paintings looked old though and poorly maintained.

Kids vs Dragon
my son the genius

ATV and Buggy ride

We had to wait for our turn in the ATV for a few minutes before I decided to just get two buggies. The rent for the buggy is more expensive than the ATV but I am not willing to wait for 30 minutes when my toddler wants to scream and run around instead. The only thing I noticed is they have a different set of ATV and Buggies for Filipinos, compared to the cleaner and nicer looking sets they give to the Koreans. I wonder if the rates the Koreans pay are the same as what we Filipinos pay? Maybe because Happy Dreamland is owned by a Korean? I would not know as I forgot to ask... We rode the buggies to an observatory on Mt. Luho.

Ajon family and the buggies

My review is also on Tripadvisor.


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