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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My little Doodler


She found my box full of colorful scented board papers, she shouted "wow my papers!" 

Next she found my pens...

Now I have nothing... lol! This kiddo just loves to doodle! Thankfully she loves doing it on the papers and not on the walls.

I really believe in encouraging their good behavior and supporting their interests. Husband and I immediately rushed to the bookstore to buy supplies when her older brother developed an interest in colorful crayons, pens and papers around 2 years old too. 

Our eldest still keeps some of his doodles in a clear book until now. Also, this is a great way of letting her little fingers do something besides picking up food on the floor, hahaha!  

The only problem is that she often calls my name and asks for my help to trace out her chubby little hand, which  think is so adorable.

Bye for now, she wants to draw with me again.

Blessed be.


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