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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why we joined a Fitness Club a.k.a GYM


Pardon the goofy groupie taken by my husband while we are taking a breather from our workout, he likes updating his Swarm and FB pages, but that is another story.

I can usually squeeze a maximum of 20 minutes exercising everyday since I am a Stay-and-Work-at-Home mom but my hard-working husband finds it hard to exercise at home. In the morning he is hurrying to get to work and in the afternoon he is too tired or too excited to play with our kids. So we decided to inquire at Fitness First Robinsons Ermita Branch.

Here are are some reasons why we joined a Fitness Club a.k.a GYM:

1. We can exercise in peace
     - It's just us, the trainer and the equipments, no kids screaming, no whining, and no other distractions.

2. We get more motivated
     - We paid the membership so we always think that we need to use the facilities as much as we can.

3. More fun
     - While we are exercising, we love observing people around us and find some inspiration. There is this lovely and fit grandma who can carry a much heavier weight tube than me. She can do jumps, squats and raise a 6kg tube without making the "gym face."

4. Free tea or coffee
    - Husband loves tea while I am crazy for coffee. The club offers unlimited tea and coffee for members.

5. We prefer the monthly payments over the annual ones
     - There are gyms that offer much cheaper memberships but you have to pay the annual amount. Meaning we have to pay 15k each person up front before we can begin. Fitness First gave us the first month free and only started to bill us just March 1.

There you go, our reasons why we paid money to get fit. I am not promoting the gym or any gym you have in mind. I'm just saying that with kids like ours around, it is a bit hard to find an open schedule to work-out properly.

What do you prefer? Exercise at home or in the gym?

Blessed be.


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