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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Seeing Double


Ever since our princess Sofia came, most of my posts are about her and I felt guilty. It seemed that I forgot about my eldest, my prince, my #1 boy, so here it goes.

Every start of the school year, my and I creates an Academic Goal List. He writes whatever he wants to learn for the whole school year, the list is not limited to school lessons and included extra curricular activities as well. Like any other year, we decided that his GPA goal will be 90% and he finally achieved his goal last 2nd quarter. He even made 91% GPA this 3rd quarter, I barely have the time to tutor him or help him with his projects and data files that is why I am so proud that he did not just maintain his GPA, he made it higher!

Husband and I decided to take him to the video arcade out one afternoon. It is like the old days, me, husband and Russell having fun like kids. We needed not to run after our toddler or look for a restaurant where there are less people. We had a really carefree time. And I realized how much I missed my eldest son and how understanding he became now that he is an older brother.

As I snapped the picture of my husband and son, I realized how much alike they are. Both are oldest sons. Both are smart in math & science. Both are funny. Both are friendly and trusting. Both are competing for the spot of being my #1 critic. And...


Blessed be.


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