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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trim the jelly Abs


I choose to take care of myself first, so that I can take better care of my husband and children. No more excuses.

My little princess always asks for milk after my workout.

Yoga sun salutation to warm up

10 sets of :
10 secs - Plank
5 reps each leg - Plank with leg raise
10 secs each side - Side plank
5 secs - Extended child's pose (rest)

10 sets of :
20 reps - Vertical leg crunch
20 secs - Bridge
5 secs - rest, hug needs to chest

Corpse pose for cool down (while feeding princess sofia again)

Note: I am not a fitness expert. I'm just a regular mom without any house help or nanny. I used to exercise before I had kids. I try to exercise regularly and my longest workout is 30 minutes. As always, consult a doctor before trying any exercise regimen.

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Here are the videos of the exercises:


Know any great workout that is under 1 hour? Please share them by posting a comment below.


Blessed be.
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