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Friday, August 15, 2014

Planking Day


I choose to take care of myself first, so that I can take better care of my husband and children. No more excuses. 

Yoga for Upper Back Pain to Warm up

2 sets Plank variation, 7 minutes each set

Corpse pose to Cool Down

I thought it will be easier to just do Planks but I felt dead after the workout, hence the Corpse pose, haha. Planks are just for the abdominal muscles, it also strengthens the lower and upper body. My arms actually burned while I was doing the exercises. Planks for the win!

Note: I am not a fitness expert. I'm just a regular mom without any house help or nanny. I used to exercise before I had kids. I try to exercise regularly and my longest workout is 30 minutes. As always, consult a doctor before trying any exercise regimen.

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Here are the videos of the exercises.



Know any great workout that is under 1 hour? Please share them by posting a comment below.


Blessed be.
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