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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Princess Sofia's favorite toy


Yesterday I posted something a letter from PLAY and its effects or lack thereof to children. Now I want to share some pictures of my little princess' play time.

A couple of months ago, I took her picture while she was building something using her blocks. When she was done, she held it in the air and let it "fly". Oh so it is supposed to be an airplane, hehe.

Look at how her eyebrows fuse together when she is concentrating. This used to be my breastfeeding necklace which she can play while she is feeding or she can bite whenever she is teething. In this picture, she removed the lock and made it her lasso. She became a cowboy for a day. 

These two are her latest playtime pictures. The wooden blocks used to belong to her older brother, she tried to fit all the blocks inside the small container but when she noticed that the blocks are taller she sang itsy bitsy spider in her own baby language.

Same old toys, used differently each time. It does not matter if the toys are old or too easy to play with. If we want to encourage their imagination and creativity to develop, we will let them play with the toys anyway they want. Who knows what they are planning to use the old and easy toys for if we will just take them away because they are too old or easy, for us at least.

Do you put away toys because your child gets too used to them or playing with them becomes too easy?

Blessed be.

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