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Monday, July 21, 2014

A letter from PLAY


I saw this on my news feed shared by a fellow mommy and loved it so much.

Explorations Early Learning
"You're expecting things out of your kids that are not developmentally appropriate. You're expecting them to do things at the age of 3 that you did not do until the age of 5 or 6. Is it right to push kids to do things they are not cognitively, emotionally, or physiologically ready for?"

At age 5, I can write my name and anything I can copy off the board or from a book. I can add double digits but until 50 only. I know my alphabet but I cannot write them on the paper if I don't sing first. I can read but when I see 5-letter words I immediately ask for help. I only study the lessons taught by the preschool and nothing else. After my assignments are done, I play outside with my friends or go to my friends' house to play if the weather is not cooperating. 

I do not pretend to be an expert on parenting but it makes me feel sad when I see kids being pressured by their parents to study more and play less. There is time for everything and I think time to play encourages their imagination and creativity to run wild. 

Sure it is amazing if you see a 5 year old kid who knows all the countries of each continent, we stare in awe when she can even show you the flag and we give a standing ovation after she mentions the capital city of each country. A child can learn this, but at what cost?  

It is sad that "memorization" is currently the measure of how great the child is.I sincerely hope that I will not fall into the seemingly parenting norm that pushes kids to learn things way ahead of their capacity.

How can they grow up a thinker or a problem solver, if every imaginative idea they have is being cut off because it goes against the rules and the lessons they "need" to learn?

I wish Play time will not die along with imagination and creativity.

Blessed be. 
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