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Monday, June 16, 2014

Activity for today is Writing


My eldest son uses colored pencils in school instead of crayons, and he usually loses one or two colors each year. I store rest of the pencils inside his art box because I couldn't bring myself to throw them all away. 

This last few days, our little princess is showing signs that she is interested in writing. She would take my pens and write of her thighs, the walls, her brother... I tried giving her plain bond papers but then she'll get my notebooks too. 

I took out the colored pencils that once belonged to her brother and bought her a small drawing book. The drawing book is better because she cannot leave the paper everywhere. And the quality of the paper is better and harder compared to an ordinary paper. 

Here's a picture of her doodling her heart out.

I do not expect her to recognize and write the alphabet right away. I'm just expecting her to have fun and enjoy writing. She'll tell me when she's ready to step up and start learning school stuff. But for now, I'll let her be a child and doodle.

How do you support your toddler's interests?

Blessed be.
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