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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Me? A perfectionist?


I saw this picture on The BULLY Project Facebook page, it is supposed to teach positive self-talk.

"Is it really my best work?

A question I always ask myself. This often gets me into trouble too, or gets me a bit fixated on a task or project that I neglect other things that I need to do.

There was one a time when I first tried digital Scrapbooking, I wanted everything to be balanced, so I placed two pieces of each design on the layout. And guess what, I was so annoyed with my work that I deleted the whole layout after an hour of designing.

My notes are color coded. From the moment our teacher let us use different colored pens until now whenever I write something. I like seeing different colors on my paper, just so I can distinguish every little detail.What is so wrong about that?

My husband, friends and even my exes said that I am a perfectionist. I mean Me? A Perfectionist? No way! A perfectionist is someone who is displeased with anything that does not  meet extremely high standards. (Perfectionism on The Free Dictionary.)

I don't think my standards are extremely high. And I do not insist on getting everything right, all the time. Well, maybe in a few things that I do, in projects that I have total control of, I like pushing myself to do better. If I am a perfectionist, then our room should not be cluttered, my closet will be organized like the ones you can find on the pages of a home magazine, you will see me doing the bento snack box for my son, and my life will be like a dream come true. But it is not, our room is full of toys. the clean cloth diapers are on the floor, my closet is overflowing to the point that looking for something takes a really long time, my son's snack box consists of bread or store bought biscuits and my life though exciting still needs a bit more.

I could do so much better. I would like to be better but not to the point that I'll be a perfectionist.

I am not a perfectionist. Period. Or am I just in denial?

Blessed be.
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