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Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to Detox


It seems that the word detox is all over the internet nowadays. People are very much interested to rid the harmful toxins inside their body. As we all know, toxins prevent our bodies from absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat that is why it is often the first step of most people who are trying to lose weight.

There are a lot of ways on how to detox. I think the most famous is called Juicing, wherein you will replace all your solid food with fruit & vegetable juice for 3-5 days. This process will reset your body by flushing out all the toxins during the juicing days.

Since I am still breastfeeding my 14-month-old child, juicing is not advisable. Juicing removes the toxins really fast and might go mix with the breast milk. Also, if I eat less, my milk supply will go down and  my baby will get hungry. And, I really think I'll get crazy if I don't eat any solid food, lol!

I chose to drink the Fat Flush or Detox Water, created by Kim Lyons that I saw on the Dr. Oz website. Grapefruit is not readily available in the supermarket so I substituted it with lemon. I can't find any mint leaves and forgot the Tangerine. So I think I'll just use what I currently have since I'm too excited to begin detoxing.

I'll post the recipe I followed and a picture later.

Blessed be.


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