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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a morning of diapers, videos and coffee


The holidays are over and my daily routine is back to normal. Scratch that... 

My daily routine is back to CRAZY. Now that is the truth, lol. 

While some people are rushing their breakfast or still sleeping in, I am already doing chores while trying to keep the little one entertained.

Here's a quick snap of me sorrounded by the baby, the cloth diapers that needs to be stuffed and the baby bag that needs to be prepared for my few hours of day-out later.

I do not know how I can survive a day without the baby einstein videos. Some will say that kids below 2 years old should not be allowed tv time at all. Well, boohoo to them, I do not have a nanny and nothing will be done if not for the 20 minutes of classical music and toys being shown on the baby einstein videos.

My little boss is not content with just her toys, she wants music, she likes seeing other toys on the screen and imitating how the toys are played. 

In just 20 minutes, I finished stuffing her cloth diapers while she plays a little tug of war using the diaper inserts with me.

How I stay sane? hmm I actually don't know! hahaha! I guess I'm just trying not to be pressured by all the chores that needs to be done and focus on my little one more. As I always say, happy baby = happy mommy.

And oh, a cup of coffee helps get me started with a smile too! 

Have a great day ahead!

Blessed be.


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