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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy birthday baby princess!


Happy first birthday to our little princess.

She's still too young to understand the effect that she has on all of us. She made me appreciate the color pink, a color that I used to hate for some reason, lol. She somehow taught kuya Russell how to be more responsible, because whenever she's around, kuya becomes more careful with his actions. She showed her dad how to be more funny just by smiling. She continues to teach us to value every second that we spend with her.

Time flies so fast. It seemed that it was just yesterday when I felt my tummy contracting while I was chatting with some friends. I was counting the length of my contractions while pretending that everything is still normal. I talked to our eldest son that his dad and I need to go to the hospital, and we might not go home for 2 days. I hugged and kissed our son goodnight, then before heading out if the room, I said goodbye to the thought of having just one child. 

I was so glad that hubby and I decided to have another child. Because if we didn't, then we might not be feeling so happy right now. 

We decided just to have sinple celebration and spend the whole day with our extended family. We prepared the food, except for the cake and ice cream which we bought from specialty stores. It was such a good feeling to spend a whole day preparing while chatting and laughing with everyone.

Thank you to mama Pacita, my mother-in-law who cooked the spaghetti sauce. To husband's niece Mayumi, for keeping Raeka company while I help husband with the baked macaroni. To Richard and Mitch for Raeka's outfit.

Our princess is now 1 year old. The kingdom is now complete.

Blessed be.


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