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Friday, December 13, 2013

7 minutes to relax


As a hands-on mom, I rarely get day-off or even time-outs from my ever clingy breastfed baby girl. I wanted to exercise again but I can't seem to find time for it. 

So I got this Yoga App on iTunes, if I remember correctly it costs $3.99. It got around 300 poses in its "library" and  45 yoga programs to follow. 

My back aches a lot that is why I tried doing the Backache Recovery program earlier. It is supposed to last for 36 minutes but my little girl woke up after being away from me for 7 minutes. Sad that my workout was cut short.

Oh well, I'll just continue it later.

Know any great exercise apps for iPhone that you want to share? Please comment them below.

Blessed be.


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