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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Smocked Sundress from Smart Mum Online


I ordered 3 cloth diapers from Smart Mum Online recently.  The one-woman-team smart mum Carol generously gave me a free Smocked Sundress for my baby Raeka. Thanks for the freebie sis!

When my baby saw the dress she giggled and grabbed it from me as if she wants to wear it right away.
"mom can I wear it now? puhleeze..." - Raeka

I can't blame her though, the design is so cute, the color so vibrant and it is comfortable against my baby's skin. The best part of the sundress is that when baby gets bigger it can be worn as a sleeveless top, a great deal for just Php99.

my baby Raeka looking adorable in her smocked sundress
So what are you waiting for? Check out Smart Mum Online now and get one or two or three or all Smocked Sundress designs!

Blessed Be.


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