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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Organizing my Mommy Chores


I'm a self-confessed lazy and super undomesticated woman, my friends and my husband knows this. That is why it's always like an achievement for me and a joke for them whenever I celebrate after I did something so domesticated. Lols!

 I really admire women who can organize their things so well, so unlike me. I'm always like "Okay I took a shower longer than 20 minutes and my kids are still alive", I can't seem to find the time to be so organized. 

It's 2013 so I need to change that "status" really fast! So here's how I plan to start...

I got the inspiration from this really helpful blog Achieving Creative Order.

I'll just narrow the steps I did.

1. I categorized my chores into Cleaning, Laundry, Others...
2. I tried to squeeze all of them in one week, taking into consideration the heavy-lifting part that I might need my husband for.
3. The everyday chores like Make Bed, Dishes, Declutter, etc., are not written in the "Days' columns". 

This might be long but let me explain the chores for each day...

Monday - It's my husband's day off from work, I'll make him change the beddings and curtains. I can clean the bathroom this day too. We can take our shih tzu to the groomers or give him a bath by ourselves. If we take our dog to the groomers, we'll drive by the car wash. Then we can swing by the grocery if we need to buy something. 

Tuesday - My son wears P.E. uniform (white shirt and light gray pants) from Monday to Thursday in school and since he only has 3 pants, I need to wash 2 of his uniforms every Tuesday.  I'll just wash them with baby Raeka's clothes to minimize the number of loads and time spent.

Wednesday - I'll wash the beddings, curtains and towels today. Yes, I know they will sit in the hamper for a couple of days...

Thursday - This will 'errands' day. Go to the bank to deposit money and pay bills. 

Friday - Laundry dark colored clothes and Whites. I will also supervise my son while he answers the sample exercises I made throughout the week and data file for school.

Saturday - Paperworks day. I'm gonna sort our bills, compute income - expenses from the previous saturday  to friday, and hopefully, blog. Meal planning for the coming week can also be done this day.

Sunday - Husband will be at home today. He'll watch baby while I vacuum, hopefully in the morning so that we can have time to go out in the afternoon for some family bonding time.

There you have it... I hope I can make this work. I have to!

How do you plan your week?

Blessed be.


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