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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Covers or Pockets


I was browsing online shops because I was about to buy additional diapers for baby Raeka when hubby asked...

"Which is better for you, Covers or Pockets?"



His question caught me off guard and I realized that I do not know the answer! Lols! As usual, I asked him to wait for my answer, while I went over our Cloth Diaper experience so far.

Cover - It is a bit hard to remove once it poop sticks on the gussets, and sometimes the poop leaks out.
Pocket - It traps poop better because of the built-in fleece or suede lining.

Night time use
Cover - I need to change her diaper ever 4 hours to prevent leakage.
Pocket - I can use double inserts, like Microfiber and Bamboo or Hemp, it lasts for 8 hours with no leakage.

Cover - Dries faster which makes it perfect for rainy season.
Pockets - Easier to remove poop during prewash.

Cover - Can be used twice (if there's no poop), just change the soaker and wipe the cover.
Pockets - Needs to be changed every time.

Cover - usually plain or with applique (see pic above)
Pocket - more cute designs to choose from

My answer?
Covers are best used during day time and rainy season.
Pockets are what I grab before baby goes to bed.

so.... BOTH!! Haha!

Please note that this is based my personal preference only.

Blessed Be.


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