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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten Things About Me : Misconceptions


Here are 10 random misconceptions of people about ME.

I am OC / Overly Concerned / Obsessive - Compulsive.
Okay, sometimes I count my steps to know which is the quickest way to somewhere in the mall. I just don't want to waste time or energy you know.

I am hard working.
Only when I like whatever it is I am doing. I can perfect an exam or win a medal when I want to. One quick look in our room and you'll know this is not true! haha! I would rather stay in bed with my kids than do housework.

I am smart.
I wish!!! Just because I studied two courses in college doesn't mean I'm smart. I'm always at the cliff while studying Accountancy, it's a different story when I studied Marketing instead. The first time I experienced being on top on the class, only because I study for hours everyday. If I don't review my note, I will surely fail a quiz.

I am a snob.
True that I do not mingle during my first day in class, at work or in parties, only because I'm really shy. I'm so awkward when it comes to introducing myself to people I don't know. I simply stay in one corner, mind my own business and talk to whomever will be kind enough to talk to me.

I am a perfectionist.
My best friends, even my husband says this to my face all the time! I only want do the best I can. Believe me if I'm a perfectionist then my skin will not be as flawed as it is now, or my clothes cabinet will always be organized.

I am kind.
Only to people who are kind to me. I'm not a saint. I am worse to those who do me wrong, especially if they are too smug to apologize. I always try to put myself in other people's shoes before I judge them though.

I am self-absorbed.
If I am then maybe I'll be doing my own thing and not care if I don't have time left for my family. I chose family over my career. Leaving my job was really hard but it is harder to watch my son's tears streaming down his cheeks because he's having a hard time in school and I'm too tired at night to help him.

I am creative.
I try hard to be creative. I always feel like when I was born, there was no single speck of creativity in the air for me to sniff. I can be only come up with ideas after looking and browsing for a million ideas online.

I am funny.
I actually think I'm corny. I don't know how people find me funny when my mouth is dripping with sarcasm most of the time. Is sarcasm the new funny? Oh really now...

I am an extrovert.
Whether you believe it or not, I think I'm more of an introvert. I don't like big crowds. I only have a few friends. My name doesn't ring a bell in school when I was young. I am a nobody and I'm perfectly fine with that.

There you go, 10 things that people think they know about me.

If you want to know more things about me just leave your question on the comments page.

Blessed be.


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