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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just three


Russell is my eldest son. 

He is just about to turn 3 when I took a few photos of him, which I used for his 3rd birthday party. Here are some trivia about him when he was 3 years old.

- He lost his front tooth but he's still cute.
- He only gets his hair cut by his grandma and no one else.
- He loves to play with his basketball.
- His favorite show was elmo's world.
- He goes crazy at he sight of balloons.
- He danced to the music of High School Musical.
- He loves to pose for pictures.

Some things really change while some remain the same... Now that he is already 8 years old..
- His teeth are almost complete
- Barbers cut his hair
- Swimming is his sport
- Pokemon is one of his favorite shows
- He doesn't like anyone to see him dance (sad mommy)
- His face is always wacky when the camera clicks, no more cute smiles.

- He still go crazy for balloons!!!

Ok enough for reminiscing for now.

Blessed be.


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