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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Croc-y Day!!


screenshot of the email I received

I went to the Crocs megasale this afternoon with my son Russell. It is currently being held at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. We managed to get a free entrance in the preview sale because I'm a Citibank credit card holder.

We arrived around 1pm and the line going inside the tent is so crazy! While the guards are checking my bag, we were given big plastic bags where we can put our chosen Crocs. Once inside we saw a lot of boxes and I immediately told my son that we'll be like digging for treasures because it is a bit chaotic inside. Good thing he loves digging or hunting for things, he is the one who looked for designs and sizes for each of us. 

The only drag in going at the megasale is the 2-hour wait to pay! Seriously! It took us a couple of gruesome hours waiting in line. My son and I talked about every single topic we can think of. We hugged, kissed and joked with each other just to pass the time. Eventually, we got tired and hungry, luckily we're almost at the cashier and out of the tent.

Russell is got tired so I let him sit on the floor while we're on the line to the counter.

Anyways, here are my purchases. I bought the white one for hubby, the black slippers is for me and the green in the front is for Russell. I also bought my mother-in-law one pair, we have the same style but hers is color brown and is a size smaller. It's not shown in the picture because she's already wearing it.

my purchases

Total Damage to my Credit Card bill is Php 3,049. If I bought all 5 pieces in the mall, I might have spent around 15k. I could have gotten more but I'm on a restricted budget so I just bought one for each of us. Oh yeah, I did not but anything for our baby Raeka because P1650 for a piece of sandals, no matter if it is already 50% discounted,

is way too expensive because she'll just wear it for a couple of months.

If there will be another megasale next year, I'll definitely go back, with more budget and my husband, instead of my son. I don't like seeing him get tired unless he's playing or training for his sports. 

Have you been to the megasale yet? Or are you planning to go there? 

My only advice is to Bring Lots of Patience.

Blessed Be.


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